Mission Statement:
  The mission of this website is to educate those with a brain injury, including their family, friends,
  doctors and therapists who are all linked to us and who would like to help us recover to our fullest.  
  For those of us who need to educate ourselves for the life long fight ahead of us, I hope this
  website will help you feel more "in control" and more "aware" of the struggles you may have to face.  

UPDATE:  If you have bookmarked any of my pages with "geocities", please know that
as of October 26th, 2009 all pages have been transferred to bravepages.com
and can be found at this website (bjscloset.org).
This is the best link to bookmark because no matter what host I use
you will always be able to find my pages.
If you ever have problems with bjscloset.org, please try:
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This is the newest version of the web site and the version that will be updated.
This version is more organized and easier to navigate.
Please use bjscloset.org as your link to this page.

For those who miss the Symphony music I had on my original page, click on the link.
  I removed it for those with hearing sensitivity, but you can still save it to your computer.  

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It contains background colors, music and some special effects.
Some pages with music have a shut off link at the bottom of the page,
so you may want to turn down your volume if it's turned up.
For those with visual problems and hearing sensitivity this version may help you overcome
those sensitivities and learn to "desensitize" your deficits within a managable range.
Please know that this version rarely gets updated.

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