In "GOD" We Trust!

On September 11, 2001 as I sat drinking a cup of coffee and watching the morning news on television,
I was dumbfounded to watch an attack on the World Trade Center unfold right before my eyes!

I sat there in amazement that something so horrific could happen in our country.
A country where I grew up feeling so "secure" and "untouchable."
Where I was led to believe nothing could ever touch my life so deeply.

As I sat there in shock watching the television along with thousands of others, I began to think of
those who would be put in situations that they never thought in their wildest dreams could ever happen.

In seconds lives were lost, dreams were shattered, and a country who
grew up believing we were "untouchable" came to a rude awakening.

This was the beginning of a "United Country".

A country who had grown to hate and disrespect the things that it had originally stood for.

Where children went to school wondering if they would be the next victim of an attack in their classrooms.
Where guns and knives were smuggled into schools and offices like candy in a brown paper lunch bag.

A country who had forgotten the one it was founded on! GOD!

The morning of September 11, 2001 was once again the beginning of a NEW COUNTRY!
A UNITED COUNTRY! One that finally began to turn it's eyes upon one thing.

A country who began to stand TOGETHER! UNITED! UNWAVERING!

A country who could look "outside" ourselves and see the pain, the devastation,
the need and lack, and pour out their "hearts", "souls" and "pocketbooks" to help those who needed them the most.
Our fellow citizens!

I've always been PROUD to be an American!
I believe this has always been and will GREAT NATION!

I believe that GOD has always been the "backbone" in this country.
And I believe that if we KEEP Him where He is supposed to be,
that we can overcome ALL obstacles!


My Prayer

I pray that our country remains UNITED,
and that those who sought to hurt us will be brought to "JUSTICE"!
Not MAN'S justice......GOD'S justice!

And I pray for PEACE to those who have had their lives shattered by this unspeakable attack.
That they may not only find it in their hearts to forgive,
but that they may also find a way in the darkness that overshadowed their lives on September 11, 2001.
And that they may find that way through friends, family and most of all....GOD!

May the Lord wrap His loving arms around you
and hold you in His LOVE.

Pray for our President and those who make important decisions in our countries welfare.
They need our support and God's guidance.

God Bless you all!
~ barbara jean ~

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