In GOD We "STILL" Trust!

On September 11, 2001, the world as we knew it changed.
We were attacked by terrorists who had nothing on their minds except harming the United States
and all who lived and visited here.
During the past year, life as we knew it has certainly changed.

So many security measures have been heightened, checking for terrorists, and even now, a year later,
we still wonder and look to the skies, around corners, and at strangers faces for possibilities of another attack.
We try not to have a negative outlook,
but with past experiences still fresh in our minds eye, we can't help but wonder.

Even now, a year later, I still look every time I hear a planes engines that sound a bit "off",
or a little to "close" to the ground.
I wonder for that split second if there is something "wrong",
or if I need to be looking to the news for any possible attack.

This is "bondage", and we will NOT tolerate it!
We will continue to do our part to maintain our FREEDOM!
We will NOT give in!

We have seen during the past year how American's can band together,
to UNITE for others who are in need.
We've seen many rich and poor alike,
give more out of their pocketbooks to help those who have had tragedy strike them.
We've watched while those whom we took for granted many times,
once again came to our rescue.
But this time things were different.
These "Heroes" weren't just battling things they were trained for.
They were battling impossible odds.
But they stood TALL, and even though they were tired and hungry and weary from their "stand",
they continued to STAND for those in need.

For those who gave their "ALL", I salute you,
and thank you with all the love and compassion God has given me.
You are more than HEROES, you are CONQUERORS!
You battled impossible odds, and came SHINING through!
You were weary from the battle, but you didn't give up!
These are qualities that only few have had,
and I'm glad to say today that YOU have those qualities!

Today, September 11, 2002, I asked God for some things I didn't think I would ever ask for,
at least in quite this way.
The prayer I prayed was this:

"Lord, please make us what we NEED to be for "others",
for "ourselves", and for "YOU"!
Give the families of those who were harmed Your "peace",
Your "understanding", and show them Your "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"!
Let them "FEEL" Your "presence",
let them "SEE" Your "compassion",
and help them continue to be able to "forgive" those who hurt them.
Thank you for Your understanding in this crisis,
and continue to guide us and our President and those in power.
This country was built on Your Name, and it will continue to be such.
Thank you for giving us Your power and Your SALVATION!
In Jesus Name I pray.....Amen.

My love and compassion go out to all those who have had their lives turned upside down by this attack.
But mostly, I hope and pray that your prayers were similar to mine.
That you and your families and friends can continue to support each other in love and compassion and understanding.
Knowing that in the end, God will be the ultimate conqueror.
And by HIS stripes, we are healed!

~ barbara jean ~

Have You Forgotten?
Download this song in the link above to your computer.
It just might make you think again of the horrible things we watched on September 11th.

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