• I no longer am working on full web pages because of time and cost.  I am however still building information pages, so if you're interested please continue on.    

The "Information Page"

  • Have you thought about putting just one page on the internet with information about your business, store or company?

  • Would you like to be able to give someone an idea of what your business has to offer and a way to contact you?

  • Maybe you have an accounting business out of your home, or a flea market or antique shop, a dog grooming service, towing or auto shop, or maybe it's just a little bit about your family tree for others to see!

  • With information about your company on the internet, you run a better chance of allowing others to find you when they're doing a search in that category.

  • By having an information page about you and your company, you will be allowing others to reach you faster and find out a little about you and your company without having to spend extra money in brochures and mailings. They can come to "you"!

  • Now, doesn't that sound like a better deal all around? You spend less time and money working up a way to get information to others, and you don't have to do any of the work, leaving you more time to do other things! Your customers will have some information about your company and know how to contact you if they need your services.

  • What would it cost to build an information page for you? A simple page is $400. That includes information about your business (a little about you too if you'd like) and what your business does, phone number, hours you're open, address, email address, a picture of you or your business, and who to contact if they would like your services. Remember, you're going to be listed on the internet, so personal or private information will not be added unless you specify.

  • With your information page you will get a copy of the HTML coding for your page, and the first years maintenance on an "ad free" page.

  • If you're interested in your own Domain Name, the charge is $150 extra for the first 3 years service. (maintenance costs are extra, this is for the Domain Name only and setting it up to work with your web site)

  • Pictures are $20 per picture after the first one. (in bmp or jpg form)

  • Need a Banner? I can work up a simple banner for your site for an additional $35. Larger, more detailed banners are extra.

  • After your first year, your monthly maintenance cost is $20 payable each month in advance. But if you pay for the full year ($220 in advance), you will get a full month FREE! Saving yourself an extra $20! That's a GREAT value!

  • If you would like an information page made for you, but would like to have it hosted somewhere else, you can buy it outright for $600. I will copy the HTML coding and give you a paper copy of it, and a copy of it on a CD. You will have full copyrights to that page to do with as you wish. (please remember if you host it with another server, you will have to change the coding for the address and upload any pictures to the new host too). If you have pictures, I will also include them on the CD for your convenience.

  • So if all this appeals to you, send me an email and we'll talk more!

"General Information"

  • If you're wondering what an "Information Page" would cost, and you're "new" to this, then let me give you some "hints"!

  • Personally, I would advise purchasing a "Domain Name". Which is a name that someone can type into their browser to find you fast. They don't have to remember all the other "stuff" that goes along with it. They just type in or for example. For $150 extra, you will have your own domain name guaranteed for 3 years (I would renew for no less than a 3 year term each time you renew - you can renew for longer at a discounted price). I will make copies of your paperwork, and will notify you when your time is running close to the expiration date. (2 months prior to expiration)

  • I also would add another $35.00 for burning all your web sites information on CD (html coding and pictures) for your records. This is great for a backup in case a server goes down, or you need to upload your web site somewhere else.

  • And lastly, a "guestbook" so those who visit your site can leave their comments! An additional $20 for set up fees.

  • I'll do all the work!

  • Added pictures, links, music and java script are all extra, and when you get close to the end of your first year contract, I'll contact you to see if you'd like to renew for the second year! I give a free month if you pay by the year.

  • If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me!

  • I take personal check, cashiers check (bank check), or credit card through Paypal. (personal checks may take up to 10 days to clear) I will need half (1/2) down to start your site, and the balance on completion.

  • I'll need up to two weeks to get your web site up and running (most simple templates will be much less time). This time limit is just that, a limit. This limit may be longer if you have a large web site with numerous pages.

Price List

Product Discription Price
Information - burned on CD (recommended)
$ 35
Domain Name - 3 years with set up fees included (recommended)
* Quote costs after 3 years because of changes in Domain fees.
Graphics - per hour ($10 minimum)
$ 20
Pictures - per hour ($10 minimum)
$ 20
Updates - per hour ($10 minimum) This is added updates other than your maintenance service agreement.
$ 20
Extra Links & Add Ons
Guestbook - basic included in set up fee - additional graphics available at extra charge
$ 20
set up fee
Sound - midi & small wav only
Java - some available
Information Page - includes information about your business (a little about you too if you'd like, and recommended) and what your business does, phone number, hours you're open, address, email address (you supply), person to contact, picture of you or your business, paper copy of HTML code and CD (saved in "text" form along with any pictures).
* First year service included.
Starting at $400
Information Page for Sale - HTML paper copy, and a copy on a CD (saved in "text" form). You will have full copyrights to that page to do with as you wish. If you have pictures, I will also include them on a CD for your convenience. These prices are for "simple" templates. More complex templates are higher.
Monthly Maintenance - per month after first year (paid in advance)
* one month free if paid for full year ($220 payment in advance)
** Maintenance includes checking site for current links and correct placement of information and updating the year or email changes.
$ 20

(Prices subject to change as costs rise)

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