Welcome to BJ's Christmas Page!

I think you'll enjoy yourself and have a great time!
There's plenty of links and fun things to look at and do, so kick back, enjoy the music, and have FUN!

If you're using Google Chrome, you won't be able to hear the music.
Switch to IE and you won't have any problems.

Click on the pages for some Christmas Links, Poems, Recipes and there's even a countdown to Christmas banner down the page a bit!

I'll add more things as I get them, so if you've got a cute pix or a poem or even another URL that you think is good?
Just send it to me and I'll take a PEEK!
Write: "XMas Page" in the SUBJECT LINE so I'll know what it's for!
(and try to keep them fairly clean, ok?!)

This page is open ALL YEAR, so if you have something you've gotten for the holidays.....it's ok, just send it when you're done!
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~ barbara jean ~

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